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  • Windows 95/98 Setup Instructions

  • How to check your e-mail when you are away from your computer

    When your out of town or just away from your computer you can access your IWVISP e-mail by using our Web base e-mail server. To access your mail this way open a browser and go to http://webmail.iwvisp.com. Once you are there enter your username (without the @iwvisp.com) and your password. You can read your mail and send new mail from here. You can also leave the mail on the server so that you can download it to your computer when you get back.

    How put your web pages on our server using IE

    In the address bar in Internet Explorer type in ftp://ftp.iwvisp.com and hit enter or click on ‘Go’. You do not want to have www, or http:// in the address bar. It should prompt you for a user name and password, which is the same as your dial-up user name and password. If it doesn’t prompt you for a user name and password, along the top bar click on ‘file’, then ‘login as’, this will prompt you for a user name and password to login. After you login, you simply drag and drop to ftp items up or down. Once you are done, closing the window will log you out of the ftp server.

    How put your web pages on our server using FTP

    You can use a ftp client software like ws_ftp or fetch to upload your files to our server using to folowing information:
    host name - ftp.iwvisp.com
    username - your user name with us
    password - your password with us
    directory - leave blank

    How View your web pages.

    After the files are uploaded, use you browers and goto:
    http://www1.iwvisp.com/(your user name)

    If you can not view your web pages

    It might be caused by the server not knowing which page is the first page. You will need to name the first page of you site either home.html, index.html or default.html

    How to use the Web Page access counter

    Enter this line in you web page
    <IMG SRC="http://www.iwvisp.com/cgi-bin/WebCount.exe?size=5&font=f&link=user">
    Where "size" can be 1 - 10, "font" can be 1 - 60 or A - R, and "link" is your user name.

    What are the different modem phone numbers

    For 56k modems - 495-0558 or 499-9211
    For Trona Users - 495-0558

    How to load a picture for use on eBay

    Using an FTP program, like WS_FTP, create a profile for IWVISP using the following information

    Host name - ftp.iwvisp.com
    user name - your user name with IWVISP
    password - your password with IWVISP

    After making to profile connect to IWVISP. One window will show local system which is your compter and the other will show the remote system which is our server. Locate to picture you want to upload in the local sytem window then just transfer it up to our server.

    After the file is up on our server you will need to include the URL on eBays site. Your URL for that picture will be http://www1.iwvisp.com/username/picture name.

    What are the name and IP adresses of the servers on IWVISP?

    Primary DNS Server ns.iwvisp.com
    Secondary DNS Server ns1.iwvisp.com
    POP3 & SMTP Server mail.iwvisp.com
    First Web Server www.iwvisp.com
    Second Web Server www1.iwvisp.com
    Third Web Server www2.iwvisp.com
    Fourth Web Server www3.iwvisp.com
    Telnet Server telnet.iwvisp.com

    How do I set up my E-Mail?

    When your setting up a e-mail program like Internet Mail or Outlook there are a few things it will ask you for. When it ask for the POP3 Server you should enter mail.iwvisp.com. When it ask for a SMTP Server you need to enter the same thing as POP3. For the POP account name it will be your login user name and you e-mail address will be your user name then the @ and iwvisp.com after the @. A sample is like support@iwvisp.com.

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